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It's all in the title! You have arrived at the best website online solely dedicated to the British Cruiser. Our international friends are of course welcome to join us, but this website has been specifically designed for the British point of view, cruising directly from and around the United Kingdom!

Within our pages you will be kept updated with the latest news, whilst also finding information on all of the cruise lines dedicated to Britain. From access to ship facts and deck plans to itineraries and reviews - We hope to have it all! Navigating the website you will find pages devoted to each cruise line dedicating ships to the UK along with helpful information hubs. 

We are constantly trying to improve and update our website, adding new content and expanding on the topics relating to cruising in the UK Market. But if you can't find something that you want information on, then please do let us know! Contact us and we will do our best to find out any information for you.  Your feedback is very important and helps shape the essence of British Cruising.  

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World of Cruising: Rule Britannia!

Just in time for the weekend, I am super excited to share with you something special I have been working on. Cast your minds back to March and you may remember that I was onboard P&O Cruises Britannia sailing round the Caribbean. My ‘live’ blog series was met with incredible feedback and encouragement, for which I am still eternally grateful! However, I promised I would write a summary from my…

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June 8th 2018

Viking Cruises - Why I’d love to cruise ‘The Viking Way’

For my latest blog I thought I would try something a little different. Talking about an experience I would like to have, rather than one I have had. A journey with Viking Cruises!

Viking Longship Hlin docked in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Koblenz, Germany.

Unfortunately, I have never had the luxury of cruising with Viking, not least because they are a touch out of my price range. This…

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May 27th 2018

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